Social Media Marketing

Social media is such an important part of today and should not be something you worry about. Let us create and manage your social media profiles. We engege with your customers and make sure you are always present online! We speak Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter just too name a few.

Website Design

A website for you and your business is a way of showing your existing and potential clients that you exist and are there to help them. Website’s are the central online location pertaining all information about your business. We create static websites, ecommerce, wordpress, html and more.

Video Production

Text and pictures are great, however, a video allows you to engage with your viewer in another way. Videos for your website, adverts, event videos, drone shots to interviews, we can assist with video production in any way.

Mass Communication

You have the potential to connect directly with your customers. emails, SMS’s, push notications and more. Let us help you directly connect with your customers who can be easily reached. Let your customers see what you offer right on their phone or in their inbox, otherwise known as direct marketing.

Graphic Design

Looking to create an event invitation, rebrand your company, create a logo, business card, social media avert? We offer graphic design services to cover whatever your needs are. Have a one-on-one chat with one of our designers and leave them with the task of creating your masterpiece!

Digital Invitations

Remember when you manually delivered event invitations, kept a list of who responded and SMS’d your guests’ to remind them of your event coming up? We send an invitation to your guests and then track their response. As an event host you have instant access to view all respondees at any time

So Much More

Looking for something that’s not here? Why not contact us to see if we can help you. The Milan Media team is always finding new ways to help our customers, so pop us a mail and let us assist you in any way possible!